Our aim is that no one be excluded for financial reasons

There are funds available for school students with particular need. If your means are such that you would not be able to attend a course without significant help, please apply as your first choice to the courses in Durham or Cambridge, for which larger bursaries might be available.

Forms can be downloaded as you apply or obtained from the Administrator, and must be returned with the course application form. All details given are in confidence.

“I’ve had so many opportunities as a direct result of the course and I believe that everyone should be able to have these opportunities, regardless of financial situation, which is why I think this is so important.” Course student

There are many other sources of funding in the form of grants, scholarships and bursaries. You are encouraged to contact your local council. You can also explore the following options:

We should be very happy to provide accompanying letters to give further credibility to external applications.

Bursary Form 2018 (Word Document)

Bursary Form 2018 (PDF)

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